A little about me and Let's Inspire Peer Support:

Let's Inspires Motto/Mission Statement:


NEVER SURRENDER! No matter how hard life gets, sometimes I have to stop and remind myself I am not a quitter! I'm a survivor and I'll NEVER SURRENDER! *I did the Never Surrender painting to inspire people at The Drop-In Center that I have worked/volunteered at for the last two plus years.* 

Mission Statement:

Let's Inspire Peer Support's mission is to help strengthen our communities and improve people's quality of life by compassionately listening and truly caring. The goal is to help people feel empowered, confident, safe and in control of their lives again by achieving lasting change.

A little about me and Let's Inspire Peer Support, LLC:

Hi, I'm Tonya Coffey a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Life Coach living in Roanoke, VA. I am married to a wonderful man and have two amazing teenagers. I used to work at a Drop-In Center where I was a CPRS for 3 years. I have been a CPRS for 4 years now. And I also worked at the CSB, State Psychiatric Hospital and a few Assistant Living Facilities. I run Peer Support Groups, DRA, Wrap, a Meditation Group, a Healthy Livings Group and a Art group. I decided I wanted to open my own business doing Peer Support in hopes to reach more people. There’re so many people that worry about the stigma of Mental Illness/Addiction/Counseling etc. that they battle life in the dark alone. I figured if I offered Peer Support/Life Coaching to people in their Homes, Via the Internet, over the Phone people wouldn't have to worry about the stigma of going into a facility with a label. I too often worry about that when I go into these types of places. Let's Inspire Peer Support is a no labels, non-clinical feel atmosphere. The stigma around Mental Illness and Addiction is getting better but it's still out there. I also wanted to be able to reach people that don't/can't drive. Or live in rural areas with little to no support. Let's Inspire Peer Support is always a judgment free zone, and everything is confidential. I am State Certified in VA as a CPRS. I also have my Mental Health First Aid Certification and Wrap Facilitator Certification. Let's Inspire Peer Support, LLC now has 3 volunteers and a Inspirational Facebook Group Page called Let's Inspire. Anyone can join for FREE @LetsInspirePeers !